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Euclidean Constructions and Geometry Related to Euclidean Constructions

Lower Colour Contrast (above)
Highest Colour Contrast (above)
Lower Colour Contrast (above)
Higher Colour Contrast (above)

 Tim Biskup

Tim Biskup  Horns 2011 Cel-Vinyl Acrylic on Wooden Panel 40″x 30″

In some of the images below, think about options in terms of how lines and shapes can overlap to create the illusion space.

In some of the images below, also think about about options in terms of how lines and shapes can create movement and flow in terms of 2-Dimensional design.

For additional Information Regarding Geometry and clarification of Euclidean Geometry see the following link:

Linda Francis, Three Triangles, 2013, Oil on wooden panel, 90 x 40 inches

Sacred Geometry 101B: The Vesica Piscis

Sacred Geometry 101F (Part 2): Pi - Phi - Fibonacci Sequence